VCA in other languages

VCA in other languages

The course is offered in English (as well as Dutch). In addition to the VCA course packages, you can also book VCA exams available in different languages (also available on

VCA Basic
VCA Basic Dutch€149,00
VCA Basic English€184,00
VCA VOL Dutch€149,00
VCA VOL English€184,00
VIL VCU Dutch€159,00

As an extra service, the following languages ​​have two practice exams available: Polish, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Turkish and Romanian.

Foreign-language exams and prices

Individual VCA Safety exams
VCA Dutch €84,00
VCA English €94,00
VCA Polish €94,00
VCA Arabic €94,00
VCA Portuguese €94,00
VCA German €94,00
VCA Spanish €94,00
VCA French €94,00
VCA Slovak €94,00
VCA Italian €94,00
VCA Romanian €94,00
VCA Turkish €94,00
Individual Exams VOL-VCA
VOL-VCA Dutch€84,00
VOL-VCA English €94,00
VOL-VCA German €94,00
VOL-VCA French €94,00
Individual Exams VIL-VCU
VIL VCU Dutch €84,00
VIL VCU English* €99,00